The biggest challenge Karnataka cricket faces is KSCA

The cabal that rules KSCA only knows Underhand dealings, opaque decision-making, insulting seniors and rewarding sycophancy
I called the KSCA interim secretary Sudhakar Rao thrice, requesting him to provide me with the list of coaches that the managing committee had appointed for the 2017-18 season. But to no avail.
But the same committee was in a tearing hurry to announce the appointment of P V Shashikanth as chief coach and G K Anil Kumar as the Ranji team coach.
There is absolutely no transparency in this rotting system, which has gotten worse since the Lodha committee report was thrust upon the recalcitrant cricket establishment by the Supreme Court.
The managing committee, which has overstayed its brief, committed the biggest blunder in appointing Shashikanth as the Ranji coach. Karnataka needed someone with character to manage a group of talented, exciting match winners. Without maligning Shashikanth, we could say that he doesn't fit the bill.
Already senior cricketers have questioned the surreptitious elevation of Shashikanth. Apparently, Karnataka's most successful captain has told the association that he would step down.
It is reported that Robin Uthappa will play for Kerala in the ensuing season.
Intriguingly, the KSCA did not call for applications for the coveted posts. There were many including Sunil Joshi, David Johnson, R Ananth, K Jeswanth and Sujith Somasundar, who could have been given the responsibility. They would have earned the respect of senior players in the team. But the management committee chose to keep the cards close to its chest.
It baffles the cricket community that KSCA made this grave mistake despite knowing about Shashikanth's credibility.
The same set of shameless managing committee members cast away two of its cricket academy coaches because they dared to question the ugly machinations of a couple of unscrupulous committee members, who care a damn about the welfare of the game and cricketers.
In a hurried press release, KSCA went on to say that it had sacked Rajesh Kamath and Somashekar Somashekar Shiraguppi. But as of May 2, 2017, they had not been served with the "sacking" order.
Though Rajesh and Shiraguppi have written to the association asking for the orders, the powers that be have not responded.
The KSCA took pride in publicly serving "marching orders" on two fine coaches. But it is has strangely protected coaches and selectors who have brought disrepute to Karnataka cricket. They are being protected because they heed to the whim and fancies of these committee members.
On the other hand, it writes to affiliates of the BCCI not to employ Rajesh and Shiraguppi. Vengeance is at the core of Karnataka cricket.
When we called Sudhakar Rao, he said the list of junior coaches would be released to the media only after the managing committee approved it.
Who then released the names of Shashikanth and Anil?
The KSCA is responsible to people of Karnataka. There are several stakeholders. The managing committee, voted to power because of their affiliation to caste and creed, cannot take such drastic decisions. Had it chosen a senior coach with impeccable character, ability, command and skill, nobody would have objected.
Now that the cricket community and stake holders have questioned the appointment, it would be prudent for the KSCA to retract its imprudent/ foolish decision.
Else, everyone, including senior cricketers, will take up the cudgels against the 'glorified' managing committee.
It will be interesting if the KSCA could refute what has been written.

Joseph Hoover is a veteran cricket writer, environmentalist and a wildlife activist. The views expressed are personal.

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