'Gau Rakshaks' attack Dalits in Udupi district

Gau Rakshaks attack Dalits in Udupi district

Kundapur: In a shocking incident, a group of miscreants belonging to Bajrang Dal barged into a house belonging to Koraga house ahead of an engagement ceremony and brutally attacked three family members in Udupi district.

The incident took place at Angodi near Trasi in Kundapur taluk.
According to sources, the attack took place at the house of Shakuntala, sister of a local gram panchayat member on April 24 when the family members were having dinner.

Nearly a dozen Bajrang Dal activists barged into the house and attacked Harish (26), Srikanth (19) and Mahesh (20), accusing them of consuming beef. Since the engagement ceremony was scheduled for next day, many relatives were present at the house.

Interestingly, immediately after the attack, the Bajrang Dal activists handed over the three injured to Gangolli police station and the police immediately registered a case against the injured.

But the real picture came to light after Shakuntala lodged a complaint against the Bajrang Dal activists. She alleged that the intruders not only attacked the family members, but also used abusive language against her and her community. The attackers also threatened to set all the houses in the Korga colony on fire if they continued to consume beef.

Among the assailants, the victims have identified Gururaj Acharya, Sunil Poojary and Chandrakanth Poojary, all are Bajrang Dal activists.

In the meantime, Dalits groups have condemned the attack and demanded stringent action against Bajrang Dal activists. Dalit activists Udaykumar Tallur, Vijay K S, Chandrama Tallur and others urged the police department to act swiftly against the self-proclaimed Gow Rakshaks.

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