Kichcha Sudeep was supposed to play the lead role

Kichcha Sudeep was supposed to play the lead role

Bengaluru: The shooting of Rakshith Shetty's ambitious 'Thugs of Malgudi' movie has been postponed for an indefinite period. According to sources, the shooting may be resumed in 2019.

As per the original schedule announced jointly by Mr. Shetty and Kichcha Sudeep who was supposed to play the lead role, the shooting was scheduled from June this year. But due to some technical reasons, the project has been postponed.

Kirik Party famed Mr Shetty had announced that the story of 'Thugs of Malgudi' would revolve around incidents happened in mid 1940s.

While announcing the project, Mr Shetty had said the project was delayed by nearly two years due to budget constraints and now as Kichcha Sudeep himself is acting all these constraints are solved.

But with movie getting postponed again sources in the Sandalwood claiming that project may not see light of the day.

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