Osho's philosophy inspired 'My Virgin Diary': Nalin Singh

Oshos philosophy inspired My Virgin Diary: Nalin SinghNalin Singh

Bengaluru: Actor-director Nalin Singh's new movie 'My Virgin Diary' will be released soon on major national and international digital platforms. The movie revolves around a story of four roommates, one of whom, under a strong surreal influence, talks with inanimate objects.

"Since long, I had a longing to make a movie portraying my hostel life. I graduated from Delhi's Hindu College. We were four roommates, Osho's philosophy had a great impact on our lives, you might find a lot of Osho in my movie, and I feel that sex is the most misunderstood term amongst today's generation," said Nalin Singh.

The film revolves on Osho's philosophy of love, sex and spirituality and its influence on the mind of a student.

Swami Atul Anand, Managing Trustee of Osho World Foundation, said, "Unlike other religions, Osho for the first time accepted sex. He gave the path of awareness to transcend sex through sex."
"Talking to inanimate objects can be due to suppressed emotions and not having an outlet to share and let go," said Swami Atul Anand.
Nalin said the protagonist in his movie "locks himself inside a room, he talks with the glasses, guitar, books, lights and shadows". "He feels they respond to him, he marries a female mannequin and also celebrates honeymoon with her, they all help him create his music," said Nalin.
According to experts, anthropomorphism or attributing human characteristics to non-living objects is in our religion but when it becomes obsession in your everyday life, you seriously need help.