Media group asks Arnab not to use phrase 'Nation Wants to Know'

Media group asks Arnab not to use phrase Nation Wants to Know

Bengaluru: TV anchor Arnab Goswami, who is all set to launch Republic TV, has alleged that a "media group" has warned him of legal action if he used the popular phrase 'Nation Wants to Know'.

"I have just received yet another legal threat. A media group has sent me a 6 page letter threatening me with imprisonment if I ever use the phrase 'Nation Wants to Know'. They say they own the phrase 'Nation Wants to Know'. I have watched the nervous antics of this media group with amusement and horror for the last few months. Today I am replying to them. In public to them," wrote Arnab on social media on Monday night.

Arnab said that the "threat of imprisonment" would not deter him and asked the media group to bring their "moneybags" and "lawyers" and file a criminal case against him.

"Viewers, the phrase 'Nation Wants to Know' belongs to you, to me, and to all of us, every citizen of this country. It symbolizes what we do, pick up issues for the people, ask, question and seek accountability where it is due. I have used the phrase with pride, in my reporting and on debates for the last 20 years. And I am deeply indebted to each one of you who have found my journalism worthy of representing public interest. Every Indian has a right to use that phrase," said Arnab.

The popular TV anchor also alleged that every possible "dirty trick" and "intimidation" had been carried out against him and his team by the media group to "somehow stall and delay the launch of Republic TV".a

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