'Naga Dosha' responsible for Mallya's downfall, says astrologer

Naga Dosha responsible for Mallyas downfall, says astrologer

Bengaluru: What is the reason for the downfall of Vijay Mallya? A Bengaluru astrologer believes that Mallya – who was arrested in London and subsequently released on bail – has been hit by 'Maha Kala Sarpa Dosha'.

According to astrologer Chandrashekhar Swamiji, who is also an international vastu expert, who knows the Mallya family for decades, Mallya's fortune started collapsing since his son ate cobra's heart and drank its blood by mixing it in coke.

"Vijay Mallya comes from a family which has been worshipping Naga from hundreds of years. Naga, which is mentioned as 'Rahu' in astrology, was blessing Mallya. But his son's act reversed Mallya's fortune," said the swamiji.

Mallya, a Gowd Saraswath Brahmin, hails from Bantwal Taluk, 35 km away from Mangaluru, where Hindu families worship the snake god. "Mallya's family has been worshipping Naga and built a temple at Bantwala decades ago. Naga according to astrology is known for beauty and finance. Mallya was protected by Naga," said the swamiji. But it changed when Siddharth Mallya ate Naga's heart and drank its blood.

"Normally, a person with such Naga Dosha will lose everything and may undergo imprisonment. This happened with Mallya who is now facing 'Maha Kala Sarpa Dosha'," he said. It may be noted that he predicted this in 2011.

In 2012, Siddharth Mallya had revealed to the world that he is a certified ordained priest of the Universal Life Church. "This incident shows how Mallya family has been affected by Nagadosha," he said.

Mallya had donated gold-plated doors worth Rs 80 lakh to Lord Subrahmanya in Kukke. It was said that he visited the temple to seek blessings of Naga. Kukke Temple is the main Naga temple in the coast.

What Siddharth did

In 2011, Sid Mallya had tweeted about the experience of eating a snake's heart and drinking its blood in Vietnam. "Just ate the heart of a cobra while it was STILL beating!! They cut it out of its body in front of us..also had the blood mixed with coke!!(sic)," Siddharth had tweeted.

"The blood was mixed with a bit of coke so has a sweet tang to it, and the actual snake meet tasted like marrow...(sic)," he added.

"I always believe in trying the local cuisine wherever I am..last yr in South Korea I had dog meat..this time in Vietnam.. Snake!!!!!(sic)," he wrote.