This fish can tackle dengue, chikungunya

This fish can tackle dengue, chikungunya

Bengaluru: Discarded objects in houses are good breeding grounds for disease carrying mosquitoes. But mosquitoes also breed in water tanks or septic tanks. And there is an unconventional solution to kill the problem: fish.

According to Somashekar Gowda V S, State President, Swacch Karnataka Hasiru Karnataka Trust, breeding guppy and limia fish in tanks can remove the source of the problem. "Limia and guppy fish eat larvae of the mosquitoes and thus kill eradicate the problem," says Somashekar.

Somshekhar says he has conducted research and travelled to Singapore and Japan to understand the process.

Somashekhar says that one could breed the fish or let adult fish into the tank. To breed the fish, you have to mix small amount of mud and cow dung with water in a small tank. "Guppy and limia fish will take only two months to multiply and they can survive in any weather and water conditions. They can be bred in clean water too," says Somashekhar, adding that ten pairs of guppy or limia fishes can be bred in a water tank. "Each pair of fish costs Rs 15," he says.

Somashekar has travelled across Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, Maharashtra and Delhi to impress upon people to breed these fishes.

"This is one of the cheapest ways to keep dengue at bay," says Somashekhar. "But it is difficult to convince people to breed fishes at home. Not everyone accepts this method. I have given around 15,00,000 fishes free of cost across the state. There is no problem in breeding these fishes as they keep the water clean as well."

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