'It's over' for Cruz says Trump ahead of Indiana race

Submitted by alvin on Mon, 2016-05-02 14:16 Washington: GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has said that if he wins Indiana Tuesday, his fellow Republican Ted Cruz could not win and everything would be over for him. "It's over. I think it's over now. But it's over. Cruz cannot win. Cruz cannot win. He's got no highway," New York Post quoted Trump as saying on Fox News yesterday if he wins Indiana Tuesday. A new poll revealed yesterday, Cruz despite pressing his presidential hopes on Indiana is down 15 points in that state. The Wall Street Journal poll showed Trump dominating by receiving the support of 49 percent of likely Republican primary voters, Cruz at 34 percent and Governor John Kasich at 13 percent. Framing Indiana as an "absolutely pivotal" last stand, Cruz has won the support of Governor Mike Pence and even named Carly Fiorina as running mate. However, mathematically impossible for him to win the nomination before the convention, Cruz said he'll still stick around even he loses on Tuesday. "I agree that Indiana is incredibly important. Regardless of what happens in Indiana, Donald Trump is not getting to 1,237 (delegates for the nomination). No one's getting to 1,237. We are heading to a contested convention," he said. Fifty- seven delegates of up for grabs in Indiana. Trump has 996 delegates, Cruz 565 and Kasich 153. Meanwhile, in the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has a narrow lead over Bernie Sanders with 50 percent to 46 percent in Indiana, the poll showed. However, a close outcome on Tuesday should do little to change as she holds 2,165 delegates lead over Sander's 1,357. (ANI)