Whales killed during 'scientific' expedition to Antarctica: Japan

Whales killed during

Submitted by alvin on Thu, 2016-03-24 19:09 London: Japan has confirmed that whales were killed during its most recent scientific expedition in the Antarctic region. Since December 1 last year, four survey ships from Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research were in the Antarctic region. The institute's report said 333 minke whales, including pregnant females, were captured, reports the Guardian. Despite drawing flak from international forum and the 2014 UN legal decision that ruled so-called scientific whaling activity in the Southern Ocean, Japan seems in defiant. Asserting Japan's decision to resume whaling over the southern hemisphere summer as deep disappointment, the government said that it would consider sending a customs patrol vessel to the Southern Ocean as well as exploring options for legal action. However, conservation group Sea Shepherd said earlier in February that the Japanese fleet had faced little or no scrutiny over the summer, adding, both Australia and New Zealand seemed reluctant to send their ships to intercept them. (ANI)