Titanic's destiny was predicted 14 years prior


Submitted by alvin on Thu, 2016-02-25 11:30 Melborune: A recent report suggests that Titanic's tragic destiny in 1912, killing more than 1500 people, was warned in a book 14 years before. In a spooky coincidence, the disaster reflected a story told inMorgan Robertson's novella'Futility,' which was published in 1898, reports News.com.au. Eerily, the ship in the book was named 'Titan,' just two letters different to the iconic sunken ship. In ' Futility,' the boat hits an iceberg on the starboard side of the ship in an April night. This was exactly the same that caused the Titanic to sink. The similarities get even weirder as the fictional boat collapsed 400 nautical miles away from Newfoundland, the same location that the Titanic was wrecked. Both the ships had a shortage of lifeboats and couldn't provide safety for over half the passengers and crew members. The author was accused of clairvoyance, but he claimed that his story was purely based on his knowledge of maritime practices and shipbuilding. Even though Robertson's startling story warned of the future tragedy, he said that the similarities were purely coincidence. (ANI)