Govt School Kids Struggle With 'Rocket' Science

Govt School Kids Struggle With

Submitted by Subeditor on Thu, 2015-12-10 11:05 Bengaluru: Science education has become one of the thrust areas for all the parents and students at the higher secondary level with majority of parents having the mindset that their child should either become a doctor or an engineer. Practical sessions are vital in science education especially at secondary level. But according to the data, more than half of the secondary schools run by the state government have no proper laboratories.   A question raised by the Udupi MP Shobha Karandlaje in the ongoing Loksabha session has shed light on the poor condition of science laboratories in the state run higher secondary schools. According to the reply furnished by the Union MHRD Minister Smriti Zubin Irani, more than half of the government higher secondary schools in the state do not have proper lab facilities or separate rooms for different subject labs.   According to the reply, the condition of laboratories in the state run secondary schools is very bad. At present state has 1,227 government higher secondary schools. Among these only 90 schools have fully equipped physics laboratories and 187 schools have partially equipped physics laboratories. When it comes to another science subject Chemistry, only 92 schools have fully equipped laboratories;184 are partially equipped;89 schools have fully equipped Biology labs while another 183 schools have partially equipped bio laboratories.     Building infrastructure: Irani’s reply also quotes that 477 schools have a separate room for Physics laboratory; 479 schools have a separate room for Chemistry and 473 schools have a separate room for Biology. Rest of the schools do not have separate rooms for different subject laboratories. All subject lab classes are done in a single rooms.   No level playing field: According to the parents, poor infrastructure and facilities in government run secondary schools will have an impact on the learning capacity of economically backward students who are not in a position to afford education in private or unaided schools. “This data clearly reveals that private school students are better equipped to learn science subjects. In science, practicals are more important than theory classes. Need of the hour is that state government should strengthen the government school labs,” opines Guru Nadig, an educationist and a parent.