BFirst Impact: Central Zoo Authority's Intervention Sought Against ZAK

BFirst Impact: Central Zoo Authority

Submitted by Subeditor on Sun, 2015-12-13 18:33 Bengaluru: Following investigation on the inhuman treatment of wild animals at Mysore Dasara Exhibition with the arbitrary authorisation from Zoo Authority of Karnataka (ZAK) Chairperson Rehana Banu, the wildlife activists in the state have urged the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) to take action against the miscreants with immediate effect. Seeking stringent action against Rehana Banu on the charges of setting up an illegal wildlife stall and housing the animals in deplorable condition, Sharath Babu R, Honourary Wildlife Warden, Bangalore Urban has written a letter to the Member Secretary of Zoo Authority here recently. Quoting's report published on Saturday, Sharath Babu's letter renders, “The ZAK stall was illegally displaying wildlife and had housed them in deplorable conditions (For eg: Snakes had their mouth stitched). No case has been booked on the ZAK chairperson till now. Kindly look into the matter at the earliest.” Meanwhile, Suparna Ganguly, a former member of ZAK and the honorary secretary of Compassion Unlimited Plus Action(CUPA) told to that it is a highly condemnable action from the Chairperson of ZAK and proper action should be taken soon. “It is highly illegal and an apparent breach of prevailing wild life act. Chairperson of ZAK is not allowed to permit such cruelty to wildlife and also no one has the right to authorise taking animals out from zoo. Though chairperson claims of being friendly with wild animals, these kind of incidents are spreading a contrary message to the society. This is a punishable offence and the state head of forest department should take action on this issue. Since the state forest head holds the post of vice chairman at ZAK, I will bring this issue to the notice of Central Zoo Authority of India,” she added. Meanwhile, it is yet to be ascertained whether the animals displayed at the exhibition were provided by the Zoo Authority or hunted from the wild.