Death of VHP activist in Madkeri: Mangaluru BJP wing accuses Siddaramaiah

Death of VHP activist in Madkeri:  Mangaluru BJP wing accuses Siddaramaiah

Submitted by Subeditor on Wed, 2015-11-11 18:14 Mangaluru, Nov 11: Following the row over Tippu Sultan's birthday celebration, Mangaluru BJP leaders blame Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for the death of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) activist Kuttappa at Madikeri, alleging that the government is sponsoring communal violence in the state. Speaking in a press conference here on Wednesday, Mangaluru MP Nalin Kumar Kateel said that despite having a staunch criticism from the opposition, Chief Minister was keen in celebrating Tippu's birthday. “While tipu's birth record says that he was born on November 20, the State Government was adament to celebrate it on November 10 when Diwali is being celebrated. It is this arrogant attitude of the chief minister led to the unfortunate death of a VHP activist in Madikeri. In Islam, the believers usually do not celebrate birthdays. But how the Muslim community of the state celebrates the birthday of Tipu Sultan?” he remarked. Claiming that there was no permisssion for the procession in Madikeri on November 10, Nalin Kumar alleged that the people from Kerala were present in the procession, and it point towards the possible conspiracy behind the issue. Kateel further said, “BJP will file a petition seeking the court to charge a case against Siddaramaiah. Chief Minister is the main reason for the whole issue.” The BJP has also called for a Bandh on November 13 deamnding government to reffrain from the decision of celebrating Tippu's birthday.