Chennai floods: Railways boosts deployment of 'special trains'

Chennai floods: Railways boosts deployment of

Submitted by Subeditor on Sat, 2015-12-05 17:57 Bhopal: With the waters receding slowly in some areas in Tamil Nadu, the special trains have increased their deployment to rescue stranded people as around 10 to 20 special trains are running everyday evacuating people in large numbers. “The water has receded in some areas in Chennai and we are repairing the damages in tracks and bridges. We are using more of the special trains and are planning a massive deployment. We ran 22 special trains yesterday have planned 10 special trains today. Additional coaches are on on standby for the specials,” Railways Public Relations Officer Anil Saxena said. However, trains continued to be cancelled on large numbers are tracks remain submerged in many places. “Even though the special are doing well, we hope by evening we can restore long distance trains. Chennai Central still remains waterlogged which is making things difficult. Around 130 trains had to be cancelled today and we have cancelled around 500 trains till now,” Saxena added. Around 66,000 people have been rescued through the special trains and food, drinking water and medicines are also being distributed in large number, while railway engineers and technicians are working hard to normalise the situation and provide rescue and relief to stranded passengers. Meanwhile, in a positive note for stranded passengers, Minister of State for Civil Aviation Mahesh Sharma said that commercial flights are expected to begin their services after December 6, once power is restored in the airport. "We started technical flights yesterday, but resuming commercial flights services will take time as the airport basement remains flooded and there is no power supply. We expect commercial flight services to resume after December 6," Sharma told media. With the torrential rains having slowed down to light showers, rescue ops and relief works have intensified as the NDRF and the Navy are taking advantage of the situation to help the stranded people. (ANI)