Post capture of 'high profile' JeM terrorist, Army warns of more infiltrations

Post capture of

Submitted by alvin on Sun, 2016-05-15 14:46 Baramulla: Asserting that the operation in which a high profile Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terrorist was captured alive in Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir was a major success, the Indian Army on Sunday warned that several terrorist organisations were putting pressure on their cadres to increase infiltration into India. Speaking to ANI here, Major General JS Nain, General Officer Commanding of the Division said that he considered the operation to be highly successful, as the live capture of a senior terrorist was very significant and hoped that they would be able to procure some major information out of him, on the basis of which they can plan future operations. "According to the information we have procured from him so far during the interrogation, he was trained in Balakot camp for around four months under the supervision of ISI, along with four other companions. After the training, he obtained some specialised training from other areas as well and then in January, he infiltrated into India with four companions," he said. The GOC added that after entering India, the terrorist stayed hidden in the forests with his team for a while and since the past couple of months, he was involved in activities which included recruitment and that he also wanted to form a JeM module, following which he intended to launch fidayeen attacks. "He has not given us much detail regarding his other companions. They exchanged some telephone numbers with each other before going their separate ways. We checked out those numbers but were not able to establish contact and according to him, he himself has not been in touch with them for a couple of months," he said. Talking about how the operation was extremely difficult for the Army since they were determined to capture him alive, the Major General said that the troops did everything to ensure that he was alive, including manoeuvres to avoid any gunbattles which could result in his death. He added that they wanted him alive, so that they could procure some vital information out of him, which is why his capture was a vital and successful operation. Regarding the Aadhar card that was obtained from the terrorist, the officer said that the matter would take a serious turn only if the document turned out to be original. "The finding of the Aadhar card can be a serious issue only if it turns out to be original and we have not ascertained its authenticity yet. But he told us that he obtained the document for him and his four other companions just a day after they infiltrated into India. So, if the card turns out to original, then it is a matter of concern and our civil administration and police and investigating agencies will have to keep this in mind during interrogation and find out how he came by the document," he said. When asked about the possibility of the terrorist possibly giving information regarding the deadly Pathankot attack since he was from JeM, the same module that reportedly launched the attack on the Air Base, the officer said that the chances were slim. "Some information can be procured from him regarding the Pathankot attack. But since he is a high level terrorist, he may not know about the nuances of the entire JeM operation. So it is hard to say how much help he can be in this matter. It is only after during the interrogation we can find out how much he knows," said. With the capture of the terrorist, the question that rises now is the possibility of many such cases of successful infiltrations and how the melting snow could be an aiding factor. "Till now it is hard to say that infiltration is happening under the cover of the melting snow. But it is definite that all organisations are putting pressure on their cadres to increase infiltration and terrorist activities in the valley and other parts of India," Major General Nain said. Abdul Rehman, the JeM commander was arrested yesterday after he was captured in a joint operation by the 46 RR and SOG Baramulla. (ANI)