Odisha: Milk down the drain in protest against OMFED's non-procurement

Odisha: Milk down the drain in protest against OMFED

Submitted by alvin on Sat, 2016-05-14 10:38 Bargarh (Odisha): The dairy farmers of Bargarh district yesterday spilled hundreds of litres of milk on the road in protest against theOdisha State Cooperative Milk Producers Federation (OMFED), which on Thursday had rejected over 20, 000 litres of milk procured from Bheden and Barpali area of the district. Annoyed by the non-procurement of their milk, the farmers stopped an OMFED tanker ferrying milk cans and spilled in on the road. Reports say that the milk was earlier rejected because of its poor quality. Some OMFED officials even stated that they chose not to procure the milk after it was tested positive in the adulteration test. On Thursday, milk farmers spilled around 26,000 litres of milk worth Rs 6.76 lakh on the road at Gandhi Chowk in Bargarh town. The farmers had first spilled their own produce, which was rejected at the OMFED's chilling plant in Bargarh, and then opened the tap of a milk tanker draining out around 6,000 litres of milk on road. (ANI)