AgustaWestland case: Kejriwal dares 'gutless' Modi to arrest Sonia

AgustaWestland case: Kejriwal dares

Submitted by kvramesh on Sat, 2016-05-07 14:54 New Delhi : Asserting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was afraid of Sonia Gandhi as she knew a lot about the many 'scams and scandals' that the former was involved him, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday came out guns blazing against the Congress Chief, calling for her arrest and demanded that she be grilled for at least two days in connection with the AgustaWestland case. "It's been two years that Modiji has been in power and he has failed to take any concrete action in the matter. The Italian government finished investigation into the company that gave bribe to Indian officials and the accused were sent behind bars. Our Prime Minister has not taken the matter ahead even an inch," Kejriwal said addressing a rally here. Asserting that Sonia and Congress leader Ahmad Patel's names had showed up in the report by the Italian government among other names from the grand old party, Kejriwal said that despite all evidence present Modi does not have the guts to take action against the Congress Chief and have her grilled. "We made you the Prime Minister to take action and not leave all the work on the Italian government. Even we would be sporting a 56 inch wide chest if he had Sonia arrested, but when our Prime Minister cowers and says that it was not him but Italy who raised Sonia's name in the matter, its baffling. Why is he so afraid of her? Is this how you investigate? If we knew you were involved with the Congress in the scam then you would never have been made the Prime Minister," Kejriwal said to applause from the crowds. "Arrest Sonia Gandhi and grill her for two days and all the names of those responsible in the matter will spill out," he added. Talking about the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Centre launching a spur of baseless attacks on members of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Kejriwal said that government, instead of focusing on Sonia Gandhi, had trained its gun on Somnath Bharti who was undergoing marital problems. "Somnath Bharti had a spat with his wife and they threw him in jail for five days. Who does not have marital problems? Mahender Yadav was jailed for two days when he was protesting against the rape of a four year old child. They had the CBI raid me and at the end of the day all they could find were four mufflers....but even after all this, they will not touch Sonia Gandhi," Kejriwal said. Accusing the Congress and the Prime Minister of being in cahoots, he alleged that in the 10 years that the UPA govt ruled, they managed to gather a lot of dirt of Modi and on all his scams, which is why he was tight lipped, as he knew that if Sonia was implicated, then his secrets would spill out as well. "One of the scam is his degrees. I'm not saying that you need to have high levels of education to become a Prime Minister. Someone does not need to be highly educated to be resourceful. We have no problem if he is 12th pass but he should at least admit to it as the nation will respect him more. But if he keeps lying and cheating the nation, the people will not tolerate it," the Chief Minister said. Questioning Sonia and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi of not raising their voice or even showing the slightest interest in Modi's alleged degree scandal, he added that there was a deal or some sort of 'setting' between the two leaders. Kejriwal also challenged the Prime Minister to hand over the Anti-Corruption branch over to the Delhi government for a year so as to see the 'real meaning of investigation'. (ANI)