TN polls: EC takes concrete measure to control use of 'illegal money'

TN polls: EC takes concrete measure to control use of

Submitted by alvin on Sun, 2016-04-24 11:32 Chennai: With a view to curb use of black money and likely inducement of Voters in the Tamil Nadu Assembly Election, comprehensive instructions have been issued by the Election Commission, which include formation of flying squads, static surveillance teams, video surveillance teams etc State Excise Departments and Police authorities have been asked to monitor production, distribution, sale and storage of liquor and other intoxicants during the election process. 702 flying squads have been deployed in the state from the date of announcement of the elections i.e. 4th March 2016. 712 Static surveillance teams have also been deployed in all constituencies. Complaints relating to transportation of illegal cash, liquor, narcotics are being monitored round the clock. The notification for General Elections to Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly was issued on 22nd April and to prevent abuse of money power, the Election Commission of India has taken several proactive steps and has involved different enforcement agencies, including the Investigation Wing of the Income tax Dept., which have made elaborate arrangements across the state for taking prompt action including conduct of search and seizure operations. The Income Tax Investigation Wing in Tamil Nadu carried out search and seizure operations in and around Chennai. The search based on intelligence developed by the Investigation Wing has resulted in seizure of Rs. 5.2 crore cash (approximately). The money seized was not related to normal business activity of the group and major part of it is suspected to be linked with hawala operations and was likely to be used in the upcoming election of Tamil Nadu. The Commission has further strengthened its strategy for dealing with the misuse of money in the elections. Further, the number of Expenditure Observers has been increased several times. Probationary Officers of the Indian Police Service will also be deployed in each district to actively participate in Expenditure Monitoring and operation of the Flying Squads. The Commission has also directed to mount the campaign for ethical voting and encourage members of political parties, candidates and voters at large to take pledge for ethical voting. (ANI)