UKTI-affiliated aReputation announces$2 mn investment post Royal Couple's meet in Mumbai

UKTI-affiliated aReputation announces$2 mn investment post Royal Couple

Submitted by alvin on Tue, 2016-04-12 19:16 Mumbai: After attending a 'Young Entrepreneurs Networking' meeting with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Mumbai recently, aReputation, an online reputation management company based in India and the UK, has announced an investment of two million pounds for expanding their UK operations and their headquarters in the UK. Responding to Prince William's expression of satisfaction over companies investing in the UK and showing faith faith in the British economy, Rajat Khare, one of the leading investors in aReputation, thanked the royal couple for their words of support and the works of UKTI's Global Entrepreneur Programme for helping them set up and expand their UK operations. After meeting their Royal Highnesses, Khare said: "We want to improve business ties between the two countries and are keen to engage with all stakeholders. We want to express our gratitude to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for engaging with us personally and offering us their views on how to strengthen the relationship. I want to thank UKTI Global Entrepreneur Programme, VC Unit, and the British High Commission for having us on this delegation." Alpesh Patel, UKTI Global Entrepreneur Programme's representative, said, 'I am absolutely delighted aReputation will be making this investment into the UK; we've worked hard to make this company a global player from their initial small UK base in Leeds, to now a bigger and ever-growing global operation, including in London. " The company has found footing in Africa, Middle East, and Eastern Europe as well. It underlines how successful the Royal visit and this UK delegation, led by the UKTI Venture Capital Unit, has been in capturing the imagination of entrepreneurs in India. The UKTI Global Entrepreneur Programme ('GEP)' works with companies and entrepreneurs with outstanding technologies and potential, and through their associations, help these companies go global from a base in the UK. (ANI)