Govt's religion is India,holy book is Constitution: PM Modi


Submitted by Subeditor on Sat, 2015-11-28 08:56 New Delhi: Amid uproar over the word “secular” in the Parliament's Winter Session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi silenced all voices on Friday by saying that the government's only religion is “India first” and the only holy book the government follows is the Constitution of India. Intervening in the discussion on commitment to India's Constitution as part of the 125th Birth Anniversary celebrations of Dr. B R Ambedkar in the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Modi said that one could not praise enough the creators of the Constitution. “No praise is enough for the persons who created the Constitution and nobody can ever deny Dr. B R Ambedkar's contribution in framing the Constitution. Ambedkar witnessed so much yet there was no bitterness in him and it did not reflect in the Constitution as well,” he said. “What those great men who framed the Constitution thought back then, no one can think along the same lines today. It'd be wise for us to uphold their thought and work to strengthen our own,” he added. Prime Minister Modi reminded the house the importance of the Constitution and its purpose of maintaining the democratic setup of the country. “If we wish to maintain democracy, we must maintain and uphold Constitutional measures. Constitution's purpose is not just to define three organs of the State, but also limit their authority. If Legislature were free to frame any law, if top court were to interpret laws as it wished, there would've been complete tyranny,” he said. Prime Minister Modi reiterated that all the governments and Prime Ministers have contributed to the nation's progress. The Prime Minister also reiterated his faith in the youth of the country. “Our focus must be on how our Constitution can help the Dalits, the marginalised and the poor. 800 million youngsters...what can be better than that. We have to create opportunities for them,” he remarked. Highlighting the importance of a healthy discussion in the Parliament, Prime Minister Modi said the spirit of discussion in the Lok Sabha is 'us' and not 'me' or 'you'. Prime Minister Modi appreciated the efforts of Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan and said that her address would be remembered as very inspiring and further thanked everyone present in the house for the interest shown during the debate on the Constitution. “Some people have this wrong idea, maybe out of habit, that Prime Minister will respond to everything in the end. But I am speaking now, expressing my views, just as any other person here did,” he said. Prime Minister Modi highlighted the importance of the Constitution in the lives of the common man, saying it is a tool to unite the country. “A nation like India is diverse and the Constitution has the power to bind us all. We must spread awareness about our Constitution as it unites us all. This nation is made by so many people, all the governments. It is the demand of time that we make people aware of the sanctity and strength of our Constitution,” he added. (ANI)