Latur's `thirsty aged` hit by water scarcity


Submitted by alvin on Tue, 2016-04-05 18:39 Latur (Maharashtra): Living in Latur District has become very difficult for residents, especially the elderly. "We are not getting even drinking water. We can't even take bath for three-four days. It is very problematic, especially for old people like us who cannot even climb up the tankers because of our age. The youngsters take away the water but what about us. I have two sons, who live in Pune. I and my wife stay here and we can't even climb up the tankers," an elderly Balaji Patil told ANI. "We are not getting the water in the exact quantity that is 200 litres for a family, which is being provided by the administration. How do we survive in this situation? We manage to get just one bucket of water after walking long distances and that too only for drinking," he adds. Authorities in Latur have imposed Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code in areas around 20 water storage tanks until May 31 to avoid any possible violence over water. (ANI)