EX- RAW chief dubs Pak claim of arresting Indian agent as 'implausible'

Submitted by Kumuda on Fri, 2016-04-01 13:34 New Delhi: Former Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) chief A.S. Dulat on Friday said Pakistan's claim of having arrested an Indian intelligence operative from Balochistan is implausible and fictitious. Daulat told ANI that it is impossible for a RAW agent to float around in Quetta so casually. "This gentlemen, according to our information and our narrative, quit the navy a couple of years back and is doing some business in Iran. How he landed in Pakistan only the Pakistanis would know. But it is unbelievable that an RAW spy will be floating around in Balochistan where he was caught," Dulat said. "In all the years I have known RAW, I have never known of an officer going to Pakistan. The story is not plausible. So there is difference between the two narratives. What the real story is may never get known. Pakistan said that the man confessed. So it's like if I have anybody in my custody I can make him confess to anything because his life is under threat. Such type of confession means nothing," he added. Dulat was speaking about the capture and interrogation of former Indian Navy officer Kulbhushan Yadav by Pakistan. (ANI)