Aamir wouldn't have been star in 'intolerant' India, says Ashok Pandit

Aamir wouldn

Submitted by Subeditor on Tue, 2015-11-24 14:22 Mumbai: Filmmaker and social activist Ashok Pandit on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on Aamir Khan over his recent remarks on growing intolerance, saying the actor would not have been a star if the nation was intolerant. Pandit also said that “pseudo-secularism” and “pseudo intellectualism” have become a fashion in the country. “I am very saddened by Aamir Khan's statement. If he wants to leave the country then he is free to do so. This country has given him stardom, the country has clapped for him and stood beside him. If this country was intolerant then Aamir Khan would not have been a star,” Pandit remarked. He also said that a trend is emerging in which a person speaking about intolerance is being considered intelligent. “Aamir Khan and Kiran ji have divided the nation by making such a statement. Earlier, the division used to be between Hindus and Muslims and now it will be between tolerance and intolerance,” he added. Meanwhile, actor Raza Murad spoke out in support of Aamir, saying the latter has every right to voice his opinion. “It's easy to deny problems existing in the country from air conditioned rooms, one must go to the camps of Kashmiri Pandits or Muzaffarnagar victims to see how the people are living,” Murad told the reporters. (ANI)