'Amputated' Shaktimaan finds a friend in US to stand again

Submitted by alvin on Fri, 2016-03-18 09:16 Dehradun (Uttarakhand): Shaktimaan, the police horse who got his left hind leg amputated after being allegedly attacked by BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi, has found a friend in the United States who will donate a him a prosthetic limb in order to make him stand again. Last night, it took two hours for the doctors to get his leg amputated, which according to them was successful. The horse's amputation surgery took place two days after his fractures were fixed by external fixation by a group of 10 doctors - six from Pantnagar and four district veterinary officers. Jamie Won of Maya Foundation, who owns a non-profitable animal rescue centre in the United States, told ANI that she has contacted one of her friend who would get a leg donated for Shaktimaan. "They had the leg amputated as it was completely damaged. We have fitted it with a temporary prosthesis to help get him up and stabilize the wound. In the coming weeks, we will have a permanent prosthesis made for him. "I have found a friend in US and they are going to donate a leg. We would make a mould for the leg and send it there," she added. Dr. Firoz Khambata, who was one of the doctors involved in the surgery, told ANI that the operation was successful but it was too early to say about the long term success as there was a lot of tissue loss. "We had to remove his gangrene leg. There was no blood supply. There was a lot of tissue loss during the operation as well. Although we have closed it, but it still needs dressing in the coming days. By the grace of God, he is standing on his leg. It is very early to say anything but we are hopefully optimistic," Dr. Khambata said. "It took us two hours to get him operated. As of now, he is standing with the help of a string and we have that he would stand on his legs soon. I think the operation was successful as Shaktimaanis standing now. Long term success is yet to be seen," he added. The BJP MLA had yesterday visited the injured animal and said that the horse needs better treatment and must be send to the national capital in that regard. The Dehradun Police on Sunday had registered a case against Ganesh Joshi for beating a police horse, reportedly breaking one of its legs, during a protest against Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat on Monday for "misuse" of funds. (ANI)