Never compared RSS with ISIS; uproar an outcome of BJP's manifestation: Azad

Never compared RSS with ISIS; uproar an outcome of BJP

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 2016-03-14 19:55 New Delhi: Leader of Opposition in the Rajya SabhaGhulam Nabi Azad on Monday clarified that he never compared the RSS and terrorist group ISIS, alleging that it was BJP leaders who drew a parallel between them. Azad told ANI that, "I got my speech transcribed from the CD of the event where I had spoken about it. I read out the same transcription before the Chair. If my speech varies from what I am saying in the CD, a privilege motion can be called against me." "In my speech I have nowhere mentioned that the RSS and the ISIS are similar kind of groups. In my speech, many a times, I have talked about ISIS and condemned the infamous activities it carries out, moving on I talked about RSS here in India and said that I oppose the RSS ideology too. I never compared both of them, the parallel was drawn by BJP leaders, what I can do about it," he added. Azad further said that he is not answerable to any organisation for his comments, adding that his remarks were taken out of context and lost in translation. "This is the CD of my speech. If anything wrong is found in it, you can move a privilege motion. I request the BJP parliamentarians to go into a room to listen to this CD," said Azad, before reading out the part of his speech about the RSS that stoked a political controversy. "For the BJP, everyone except the BJP and the RSS are terrorists. The intolerance you show outside, you are showing inside Parliament as well," he added. Meanwhile, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley rubbished Azad's clarification, saying the Congress leader must introspect and admit what he said. "I think you (Azad) accidently gave respectability to ISIS in your speech which you should have avoided. You must understand what ISIS is and what it is capable off," he said in the Rajya Sabha. Azad had on Saturday kicked a row after he allegedly sought to draw a parallel between the RSSand ISIS, evoking sharp responses from the Hindutva outfit and the BJP, which demanded an apology from him. (ANI)