Shiv Sena targets Centre over 'economic terrorist' Vijay Mallya

Shiv Sena targets Centre over

Submitted by alvin on Fri, 2016-03-11 14:56 Mumbai: Dubbing liquor baron Vijay Mallya as an 'economic terrorist', the Shiv Sena on Friday lashed out at the Centre's feeble policies saying they were not able to get their hands on a 'while collar' criminal while pledged to bring back wanted underworld don Dawood Ibrahim at the same time. "Rs. 9,000 crores belong to people of India; and the one who wasted it is an 'economic terrorist. The government pledges to bring back Dawood Ibrahim to India and at the same time a white collar ' economic terrorist' flew away from India," the edit said. The editorial in Saamna also targeted the Centre for proudly asserting that the UB Group chairman flew out of the country in the apex court. "The Centre has proudly told the Supreme Court that Vijay Mallya has left the country. How can an industrialist fly off the country by taking away 9,000 crores?" the edit asked. Taking a jibe at the government for its policies, the edit said "the economic layer of the legal system of our country is very strong but it only allows people like Vijay Mallya to flee." "The banks went to the Supreme Court to get the money recovered from the liquor baron but in front of them he flew away, this is the legal system of our country," it added. The Sena in its mouth piece said that the process of recovering loan from Vijay Mallya in front of the Supreme Court is nothing but 'absolute farce'. "The process of giving loans to Mallya began during the UPA regime but fleeing away after taking loan took place in NDA's regime," it added. The mouth piece further said that if a farmer takes a loan and doesn't pay it, he is dragged and beaten and his property gets snatched and the farmer lands in jail, but at the same time people like Mallya and Lalit Modi can fly away because there is a different law for them in our country," it added. The Sena in the mouthpiece added that it was clearly known to everybody but the government didn't notice that. "The intoxication of Mallya's rich parties flows in the veins of everyone and they would respond only after the hangover," it added. Meanwhile, rubbishing claims that he had absconded from the country, liquor baron Mallya on has asserted that he is an international businessman, who travels from India frequently, and said that he is not an absconder. The apex court has asked the UB group chairman to be present before it on March 30 along with his passport, after learning that he had left the country on March 2. (ANI)