PM Modi hits back at Rahul, questions 'Make in India' jibe

PM Modi hits back at Rahul, questions

Submitted by alvin on Thu, 2016-03-03 13:37 New Delhi: In a point by point rebuttal to the allegations levelled by Congress vice presidentRahul Gandhi against the policies formulated by the BJP led NDAregime, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday criticised the former for mocking the Make in India initiative. "We are mocking things like Make in India? This is for the nation. If there are shortcomings it may be shared and discussed," he said while asserting that the former UPA regime failed to meet its set targets. The Congress vice president chose to exploit the issue of inadequate job creation and launched a strong attack on the Prime Minister. The Make in India logo - the Asiatic lion - created out of cogs and wheels also did not escape Gandhi's directed taunt. "I don't know anything, I don't understand anything. I listen to the people, understand them and then speak on those issues in the House," Gandhi said. "I am not from the RSS. I make mistakes," he said, consciously referring to PM Modi's RSS background. "Modi ji promised employment to the youth before the polls. Now the lion appears everywhere ( Make in India logo). But tell us now how many jobs you have generated?" Gandhi asked the prime minister in Lok Sabha. "You created this Make In India babbar sher. Where ever you see, you see the lion. Even on TV we can see the lion," Gandhi said in the Lower House. (ANI)