BJP MP defends Katheria's 'hate speech' against Muslim community

BJP MP defends Katheria

Submitted by alvin on Tue, 2016-03-01 13:09 New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party's Fatehpur Sikri MP Babu Lal who was present with Minister of State for Human Resource Development (HRD) Ram Shankar Katheria as he made inflammatory statements against Muslims in Agra, defended the latter today saying that the Hindu community would not keep quiet against atrocities committed on them. "When Hindus are being murdered in front of everyone, what else can be done? The entire Hindu community will unite to fight such things. Badla nahi lengey toh kya aarti utaarengey aise logon ki? (Is we do not take revenge, should be worship them?)," Babu Lal told ANI. Katheria urged the gathering to unite and launch a struggle before another member of the community lost his life. "We have to make ourselves powerful. We have to launch a struggle. If we don't begin a struggle, then today we have lost an Arun, tomorrow we will lose another. Before another is lost, we must show such strength that these killers themselves disappear), Katheria is seen saying in the footage that has gone viral. One of the speakers at the gathering also reportedly asked the gathering to "corner Muslims and destroy the demons (rakshaks)." However, Katheria, on his part, rubbished the reports saying that he ever made such a statement. Meanwhile, Congress moved an adjournment motion on the matter in the Rajya Sabha and demanded Katheria's resignation. "Katheria ji is not just an MP, but he is a part of the cabinet. He has taken an oath of office. But the kind of communal poison he is spreading, it is unpardonable. He should not be in the cabinet any more. We would like tell the Prime Minister that such a person should be sacked. There would be discussions on this in both the House," Congress leader PL Punia told ANI. VHP worker Arun Mahaur was killed last week allegedly by some Muslim youths when he was on his way back from the temple and it was at his condolence meeting that Katheria had lashed out against the Muslim community. (ANI)