PM meets IAS probationers, urges them to recall Gandhiji's talisman

PM meets IAS probationers, urges them to recall Gandhiji

Submitted by alvin on Tue, 2016-02-23 17:57 New Delhi: Prime MinisterNarendra Modi interacted with the IAS probationers of the 2015 batch at theParliament Library here today. During the meeting, Prime Minister Modi exhorted the 181 probationers to recall Mahatma Gandhi's talisman of keeping in mind the welfare of the poorest of the poor while taking decisions. Noting that several of the probationers had worked in the private sector before joining theIAS, he said that while their earlier assignments were "jobs", they are now going to undertake "service." Stressing on the importance of progress and connectivity in the North-East region, the Prime Minister said that if the North-East developed, the entire country would march forward. In response to a question, Prime Minister Modi said that his extensive travels across India for over four decades, and his experience as Chief Minister of a State, had helped him in his work as Prime Minister. (ANI)