'British Citizen' Rahul Gandhi should be prosecuted: Subrahmanian Swamy

Submitted by Subeditor on Tue, 2015-11-17 15:34 New Delhi, Nov. 17: Continuing to maintain that Congress vice-president had taken British citizenship to set up a company in the United Kingdom, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy on Tuesday challenged the former to release documents of his “actual” citizenship, and added that if it was proved that he was British, he should be prosecuted under India's Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. “Let Rahul Gandhi release all the documents that he has in his possession. For setting up a company in Britain, if he is an Indian citizen and has not informed the Indian Government under FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act), then he is subjected to prosecution. If he has not declared it in his affidavit as a candidate for Lok Sabha, not once but twice, then he is subjected to prosecution and even removal from his membership on that basis,” Swamy said here. “I have produced documents, submitted by the company in which Rahul Gandhi is the 65 percent shareholder, director and company secretary. He is informing the registrar of companies on his annual return that he is a citizen of Britain in writing, not for one year, but four years in a row,” he added. Swamy further pointed out that Article 9 of the Indian Constitution does not allow Indians to have two citizenships. “Rahul Gandhi should be prosecuted by deleting his citizenship and removing him from the membership of the Lok Sabha, if an enquiry proves this to be correct,” he said. “Even Congress is not challenging the authenticity of the documents. They are only saying that he said he is an Indian when it was incorporated in 2003. I don't know whether Rahul Gandhi changed his citizenship in 2003 or not,” he added. Earlier on yesterday, Swamy claimed of having evidences which can prove that Rahul Gandhi is a 'British national'. Swamy alleged that Rahul Gandhi had declared himself as a British citizen between 2003 and 2009 in order to set up a private company in London, and has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding that the government strip the Congress vice-president of his Indian citizenship. “Have written a letter to Prime Minister Modi, enclosing authenticated documents regarding registration in 2003 of a private company in Britain. Company's name - Blackops Limited- , Director - Rahul Gandhi who declared himself to be British national in registration papers,” Swamy said releasing the copy of his letter to PM at a press conference here on yesterday. (ANI)