'Defiant' OP Sharma says will cooperate in police probe

Submitted by Subeditor on Thu, 2016-02-18 12:08 New Delhi: BJP MLA O.P. Sharma, who has been summoned by the Delhi Police for allegedly beating up a CPI worker outside the Patiala House Court complex, today said that he would cooperate in the probe but added that a line must be drawn between those who are pro-India and against the country's ideology. Sharma told ANI that he would visit the Tilak Marg Police Station at 11 a.m. "I am a law abiding person and I respect the Constitution of India. I will go to the Tilak Marg Police Station at 11a.m. and will cooperate with the police, which is probing this matter. But I am hurt that despite being a people's representative, I have been served summon," he said. "I got an MLC report, according to which they (the protesters) raised anti-national slogans and clashed in which I received injuries on my head, nose and ears. Today, we will have to draw a line between the people who are in favour of terrorists and anti-national Afzal Guru and those who are against it," he said. Taking a dig at the Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress, he said "Our leader, whether it's Kejriwal or imported and defected piece Rahul Gandhi, they will have to draw a line, as our Kejriwal says slogans are wrong, but people raising those slogans are right. However, when told that he was being accused of scuffling and police were trying to shield him, he said, "The complainants will keep on complaining, I hardly care about them. The day the incident took place, I went to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital and police station and after that they have served the summon." Sharma, along with three lawyers, was allegedly involved in an assault on journalists and students at the Patiala House Court complex. The legislator, who has so far claimed that he hit the CPI activist Ameeque Jamai in self-defence, had even gone on to say that he would shoot anyone who would hit him. (ANI)