SC forms panel, says Kanhaiya's bail hearing should be adjourned

SC forms panel, says Kanhaiya

Submitted by Subeditor on Wed, 2016-02-17 16:48 New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday said the present bail hearing of JNU students' union president Kanhaiya Kumar should be adjourned under the present circumstances and formed a panel of five senior lawyers to find out the present situation in the Patiala House Court. "In the afternoon when we started getting reports that despite the Supreme Court's order that today's bail hearing of Kanhaiya Kumar at Patiala House law and order must be maintained and detailed directions were given about who can go inside the court room etc. Despite that order, we received information at around 2'o clock that some lawyers, some of whom were the same lawyers who had indulged in beating up journalists as well as other teachers day before yesterday that the same lawyers along with some other lawyers had indulged in beating up some lawyers, some journalists," senior advocate Prashant Bhushan told the media here. "And then there was also an attack on Kanhaiya Kumar as he was being taken to the court and as he was sitting in the court room neighboring the court where he was to be produced," he added. Bhushan further said the apex court called the lawyer of the Delhi Police when informed about the latest developments in the Patiala House Court complex. "The Delhi Police lawyer Mr. (Ajit) Sinha said that he was unable to get any instructions from the Delhi Police as to what had happened, on which the court has directed a team of five court commissioners, who are senior lawyers of this court, to immediately go to Patiala House Court under security escort of the Supreme Court and find out what has happened there, find out the situation in the Patiala House and then report back to the court after which the court will issue further directions," said Bhushan. "Meanwhile, the court has said that under these circumstances, the present bail hearing of Kanhaiya Kumar should be adjourned because it would not be possible for the hearing to proceed in this kind of atmosphere or in this kind of situation. Now, the court will give further directions only after receiving the report of these five court commissioners, who have been sent to Patiala House," he added. The JNU students' union president was earlier roughed up allegedly by a group of lawyers in the Patiala House Court. The incident took place when Kanhaiya was being produced before Metropolitan Magistrate Loveleen under heavy security cover. High drama was witnessed at the Patiala House Court earlier in the day where two groups of lawyers were seen raising slogans inside the court premises and beating up each other including journalists. (ANI)