'Superpower' US waging war on Islamic nations to control oil wells: Azam Khan

Submitted by Subeditor on Mon, 2015-11-16 16:24 Lucknow, Nov. 16 : Continuing his tirade against “superpower” nations, Uttar Pradesh minister Azam Khan on Monday said that the US government was waging a war against Islamic nations to keep its control on the oil wells and for their own “nefarious” purposes. “The world knows that America has its grip on the oil wells. Be it Afghanistan, Syria or Libya, they have waged a war on these nations just to maintain their control on the oil resources. The agenda behind the attack by the US has always been oil,” Khan said. He alleged that glamorous cities like New York and Paris are shining bright only because of their hand in the capture of oil wells across Muslim nations and said that in the process of obtaining their goals, cities and innocents have been destroyed. “The world needs to see from where terrorism is originating. Superpower nations are committing atrocities for their own benefit. Armies should fight against armies. You can't carry out an attack on civilians and hospitals. That is not humanity,” Khan said. Making an ominous prediction, he added that the current situation was warming up to a “World War” between the superpowers in order to maintain control on resources in Islamic nations, while asserting that America could go to any extent to ensure the oil wells remained under its grip. “People need to know why the superpower nations are taking the world to war for their own benefits. Muslims are being attacked and insulted and everyone condemns us, but not the superpowers who have massacred millions,” Khan said. Talking about his “reaction on action” statement that he allegedly gave regarding the deadly 13/11 Paris attacks, the minister denied making such a remark saying that the “media channel” which quoted him saying as such was grossly mistaken. “I never said such a thing and this statement has been concocted by the media. I have always been against terrorism of any kind. Action should be taken on the channel that is saying that I said such a thing. They channel should be held responsible as they made it up to add spice to their story,” Khan said. He added that he was not concerned by the wave of anger against him for his alleged statement and said that he was being targeted and condemned because he was a Muslim. “I am against terrorism and have been its victim since 1947. I have strongly condemned the horrific attack in Paris and have always spoken out against any terrorist attack carried in India,” Khan said. Earlier, The U.P minister came under fire from national politicos for his alleged statement that the Paris attack had been a “reaction for their actions” on Islamic nations. "Azam Khan's statement on Paris is highly condemnable and shames India. He is a responsible leader and should refrain from making such a comment,” BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh said demanding an apology from Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. (ANI)