Nagaland-Assam 'Brotherhood Border Peace Meet' held in Dillai


Submitted by Subeditor on Fri, 2016-02-12 17:26 Guwahati: In a bid to end conflict and create harmony, the representatives from Assam and Nagaland recently organized a peace meet under the theme of 'Brotherhood Border Peace Meet' in the border village of Dillai in Karbi Anglong district. The people living in the border villages of Daldoli, Lahorijan and Rangapahar areas, intellectuals, youth leaders and social activists participated in the meet. The meeting was convened to create better understanding between the people living in the border areas by organizing various events like sports and cultural activities in the coming days. Most of the speakers from both sides strongly favoured return to the good relationship that existed during the 600 years rule of Ahom Dynasty between the two states. "This kind of interaction is very good. Border dispute should not be a problem for both the areas. After today's interactions I hope that we will have more peace. I think that this is a good initiative," said UNTBA president Hukavi. Assam and Nagaland share a boundary of 434-km. The dispute has its genesis in Nagaland's claim that 1200 square km area in Assam belonged to Nagas before British occupation. Over the years, it has led to several clashes. Currently, both the states and the Centre are involved in talks to resolve this issue. "We talked with the higher authorities and they have suggested that in the coming days there should be more border peace meetings. So, we will hold the meeting soon," said Haokum Changsam, the officer in-charge of Dillai Police Station. The skirmishes on Assam-Nagaland border have slowed down developmental work in the region. In recent years, the people of both sides have made efforts to promote peace and harmony by organizing sports, seminars and cultural events. (ANI)