Every attack can't be viewed from 'racism' angle, says Abha Singh

Every attack can

Submitted by Subeditor on Sat, 2016-02-06 11:02 Mumbai: Following the alleged attack on Nigerian students in Hyderabad, senior advocate and social activist Abha Singh on Saturday said that every attack on foreign students should not be viewed from 'racism' point of view and urged the media to exercise restraint while reporting such issues. "It is very tragic that an incident of mob fury in a hit-and-run case is being given a colour of racist attack. These are incidents of mob fury and to give it a colour of mob fury is somehow didvinding the society and spoiling India-Africa relations," she told ANI. "On the Hyderabad incident, in which Nigerian students said that locals took out a pistol and tried to attack them. It is necessary that the CCTV footage of the area is seen and investigations are done," she added. Singh also said that a lot of foreign students coming to India are involved in drug trafficking business, which is infuriating the locals. A group of Nigerian students on Friday filed a complaint at a police station in Hyderabad, alleging that they were attacked by a group of local youth in Tolichowki. The president of the Nigerian Association in Telengana claimed that his friends were assaulted by a group of people in Kakimpet area of Tolichowki. (ANI)