Sonu's mid-air performance on Jet Airways not a 'safety violation': Aviation expert


Submitted by Subeditor on Fri, 2016-02-05 16:25 New Delhi: Aviation expertHarshvardhan on Friday downplayed the ongoing controversy over suspension of Jet Airways crew members, who allowed Sonu Nigam to perform impromptu on the aircraft's address system, saying it was not a safety violation and the playback singer could not be seen as a security threat. "Generally such things happen in aircrafts. It is usually seen as a promotional event. Sometimes, airlines themselves organise such events. In-flight entertainment system is one such example. I don't think there is a safety violation. There is no such provision in the Aircraft Safety Act. When the emergency lights are switched off, there is no control on movement and sound. I think this is a wrong action by the DDCA," he told ANI. The aviation expert further said that airlines all over the world organise such shows and concerts to create an image and give passengers something to talk about. "I don't think Sonu Nigam can be seen as a security threat. I think the crew was vigilant and were trained. They fly day in and day out. So, I don't think they would compromise on the security aspect. If the extended guidelines say that the crew is not supposed to allow any passenger to do that then it is an internal violation by Jet Airways rules," he added. Commenting on the suspension of Jet Airways crewmembers, Harshvardhan said it was not a punishment but a step to inquire into the matter. "Until proper inquiry is conducted, you cannot say that anybody was punished. If in the inquiry it is proven that the pilot was party to it then the pilot will also be punished," he said. The singer earlier today lashed out at the Jet Airways for suspending the crew members, who allowed him to perform impromptu on the aircraft's address system and said that the entire incident reeked of 'intolerance'. The video of Sonu enthralling the crew and the passengers' mid-air on a flight from Mumbai to Jodhpur went viral. However, this did not go down too well with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The Jet Airways yesterday suspended their crew for allowing Nigam to sing from the aircraft's address system. The Jet Airways said in its statement that the flight announcement system was allegedly misused and a corrective training to reinforce strict adherence to operating procedure would be given to the plane's staff. On January 4, the passengers on a Jet Airways chartered plane requested Nigam to sing for them. Nigam obliged and sang two popular songs from the flight's address system. (ANI)