Modi reinforces BJP's development agenda in poll-bound Assam

Modi reinforces BJP

Submitted by Subeditor on Tue, 2016-01-19 18:05 Guwahati: Replicating his development rhetoric in poll-bound Assam,Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said it was the time for the people of the state to decide whether they want to see a developing Assam or they were happy with the present state of affairs. "The people of the state need to think do they want the present Assam or they want to see their state developing, where labourers and farmers have bright future," he said. In an apparent criticism on the ruling Congress Party in the state, the Prime Minister sought to know from people that who was responsible for the state's backwardness, even as Assam is endowed with natural resources. "After all, who has created such a situation in Assam," he asked. Stating that top rating agencies, including the International Monetary Fund ( IMF) and the World Bank, have rated India as the fastest growing economy of the world, the Prime Minister said: "India is developing fast and the Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI) has registered 40�rowth in this little time (since the NDA came to power)." "The money coming from foreign nations will help build industries and infrastructure, and above all it will help create jobs for the youth," said Prime Minister Modi, adding, "the youth need jobs and that is why the focus of my government is development. There is only one issue-development." Highlighting disparity in the country's growth, he said the growth of India should be balanced. "If only western parts of India grow - if only Mumbai and Ahmedabad grow - and Guwahali is left behind, the country cannot move forward," he added. "Had the eastern part of the country developed vis-a-vis western part, youth of this region would not have to move outside the state in search of jobs leaving their old parents behind," said the Prime Minister Modi, adding that it's his dream to bring about development in India which is balanced. "Eastern states such as Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and northeast should also be developed as the eastern region of India is endowed with natural resources, and where there is raw material, the chance of development of that region is faster, but it's irony that areas having resources are little developed," said the Prime Minister. "And, therefore, areas having natural resources should be put on the path of development, and should be connected with developed parts of India," he added. The elections to the 126- seat Assam Assembly is due to this year, with the tenure of Tarun Gogoi-led Congress Government coming to an end on June 5. (ANI)