Trio in Bengaluru design 'borewell rescue robot'

Trio in Bengaluru design

Submitted by Subeditor on Sun, 2016-01-17 10:14 Bengaluru: Three students from Bengaluru under the guidance of their teacher have invented a robot that can be used to rescue children who fall into open bore wells. Sharad, Dhanush and Girdhar along with their teacher M Nagraj developed the mechanism. The 'bore well rescue robot' contains a camera, oxygen supplying equipment, a robotic arm, and a safety balloon, which when operated together, can help rescue a child. When a child is trapped in a bore well, the robot can be lowered into the pit with the help of a piston. The cameras on the robot help pinpoint the child's location. Once the robot reaches the child, oxygen can be pumped in through the robot to the child. After this, through the camera, a gap below the child can be identified so that the safety balloon can be inserted there. Once the balloon is inflated, the child can be pulled out easily. In case there is no space below the child, the robotic arm can ensure the safety balloon reaches the right area. The entire operation can be manned through cameras, on laptop or computer system. After seeing number of deaths of children within bore well these students decided to develop such a mechanism which can ensure the safe rescue of the victim child. In the mid of 2015 after spending almost Rs 15000, they succeeded in developing this model. They have demonstrated it at several exhibition gaining praises but there has been no support from government side which can help to develop its mechanism. In recent years, there has been a spate of incidents across the country involving children falling into open borewells, and later succumbing to death due to lack of oxygen. Nagraj mentions that if right kind of support is given to these young boys and government take it seriously such handy device can be put at each gram panchayat for immediate and easy rescue of victim children. (ANI)