Tamil Nadu Celebrates Pongal Amid 'Jallikattu' Dampener

Tamil Nadu Celebrates Pongal Amid

Submitted by Subeditor on Fri, 2016-01-15 12:08 Chennai: The harvest festival Pongal is being celebrated with enthusiasm and traditional fervour in Tamil Nadu today, even though the stay on the bull-taming sport (Jallikattu) had put a dampener on the festivities. Pongal marks the beginning of the tenth month of the Tamil calendar “Thai” and the festivities go on for three days. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa and various leaders have greeted the people on the occasion. Tomorrow is “Maattu pongal,” a day to honour bulls for their help in farming. However, the Jallikattu ban comes as a disappointment for the enthusiasts of the adventurous game. The celebrations end with “Kaanum Pongal” on Sunday when people spend the day together at prominent picnic spots as families. Also, the Sri Lankan government has decided to release all the 104 Indian fishermen from its prisons in view of Pongal. (ANI)