PM Modi's foreign policy has yielded 'zero' results: Congress

PM Modi

Submitted by Subeditor on Mon, 2015-11-09 14:43 New Delhi, Nov. 9: The Congress on Monday criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's foreign policy, saying his 14 months of diplomacy has yielded “zero” results for India “Prime Minister has travelled abroad 29 times in last 14 months, this may be his 30th visit. And eventually the sum total of Mr. Modi's diplomacy is zero nothing comes out of his visits except some chest thumping here and there. And accepting that people of India are rejecting him so may be his hunger for crowds abroad is what takes him out of the country so often,” Congress leader Manish Tewari said Taking a jibe at the BJP over its humiliating defeat in the Bihar Assembly polls, Tewari said the ruling party at the Centre should ponder over its drubbing in the state. “Success has many fathers and failure has none. One clear message which comes out of Bihar is that people are not prepared to allow the RSS and the BJP to alter the fundamental construct of this country,” said Tewari “The Hindus are also not comfortable with the attempts by the RSS and the NDA Government to turn India into a 'Hindu Pakistan'. So the sooner they give up this agenda, the better it would be for them,” he added. The grand alliance bagged 178 seats, while the BJP-led NDA won 58 seats in Bihar. (ANI)