'PM Modi's 'Chai' With Nawaz Sharif Cost Us Seven Martyrs'

Submitted by Subeditor on Tue, 2016-01-05 11:43 Mumbai: Expressing grave concern over the Pathankot terror attack, the Shiv Sena on Tuesday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's “chai” (tea) with his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif cost the nation seven martyrs. Launching a frontal attack on Prime Minister Modi, the Shiv Sena asked the former to introspect the security situation in the country post the Pathankot attack. “Having tea with Nawaz Sharif is Prime Minister Modi's personal prerogative, but for that tea we have given seven of our brave soldiers. Why these soldiers were martyred and why the nation is not fighting? We need an answer,” said the Shiv Sena editorial. “The terrorists attacked the air base at Pathankot and even after 72 hours, the war hasn't ended. This is a matter of grave concern, as the borders of the country are no more secured as the internal security has failed completely; this is the clear proof of that,” it said. The BJP ally in its mouthpiece said Pakistan has destroyed India's credibility by sending the terrorists to Pathankot. “Home Secretary can't confirm as to how many terrorists are there in the air base. It clearly shows that the government is completely in dark regarding this attack,” it added. The Shiv Sena further said Pakistan has betrayed Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Eight days ago the Prime Minister visited Lahore and met his counterpart Nawaz Sharif. We had warned him at that time that Pakistan can never be believed and you would be betrayed and now you see we have been betrayed,” the editorial said. “Jaish-e-Mohammed attacked the air base just after Prime Minister Modi's return from Pakistan,” it added. Criticising Pakistan for condemning the Pathankot attack, the editorial said Islamabad is “faking by doing so”. “If you really want to improve the relations between India then hand over Maulana Masood Azhar, the mastermind of the Pathankot air base attack. Prime Minister himself went to Pakistan and cut the birthday cake of Nawaz Sharif, now he should hand over Masood to Modi,” it added. (ANI)