Officers' Suspension An Ego Fight Between State and Centre`: Congress


Submitted by Subeditor on Thu, 2015-12-31 12:25 New Delhi: Criticising the suspension of two senior officers of the Delhi Home Department, the Congress Party on Thursday said it is an ego fight between the state and the Centre, wherein the people of the national capital are suffering. “This is the rift between the Delhi Government and the Centre. In that tussle, the people of Delhi are getting suppressed. They made different decisions and there was situation of conflict. Earlier, there was confusion whether the files will go to the LG or not. Now, he is saying he won't sign on the cabinet decisions. So, somewhere, there is a conspiracy,” Congress leader J.P. Aggarwal told media. Aggarwal pointed out that governing doesn't mean dictatorship and it is important to take decision by having dialogue and discussions. “I think, the Delhi Government runs away from dialogue. Officers work with the government. It is important to talk, rather than issuing dictator orders. This is a fight of ego,” he added. Echoing similar sentiments, Congress leader Tom Vadakkan said, “You need the officials to run the administration. You have the Home Minister of the state saying he doesn't need any officials to run the state, which is apparent that the Home Minister's knowledge about how the system runs, is quiet null and void, that he can run the government without officials.” Vadakkan further said that the government officials won't work on the “fatwas” of the Delhi Government and they will protest and create problems for the government. The reaction of the Congress Party comes after the Delhi Government had yesterday suspended two senior officers of its Home Department after they refused to sign on a Cabinet decision file, following which around 200 DANICS-cadre officers have threatened to go on mass leave today. (ANI)