Rahul Gandhi Assures Nirbhaya's Parents of passing Juvenile Justice Bill

Rahul Gandhi Assures Nirbhaya

Submitted by Subeditor on Tue, 2015-12-22 17:00 New Delhi: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday assured the parents of Nirbhaya (December 16 gang rape victim), that he would be extending all his support to get the Juvenile Justice Bill passed in the Raya Sabha. “We are meeting everyone because the Bill is to be tabled today. He (Rahul Gandhi) has said that he supports the Bill and would support it,” Nirbhaya's mother told the media here. “We are hopeful that the Bill would be passed today,” she added. The meeting of the victim's parents with Congress vice president comes a day after they met Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha to urge him for the passage of the Bill in the Upper house. The Juvenile (Care and Protection Of Children) Bill, 2015, which seeks to lower the age of juvenile from 18 years to 16 years, is scheduled to be taken up in the Rajya Sabha today. (ANI)