Demolition: 'Our Actions were in Accordance with Law', Says Railways


Submitted by Subeditor on Mon, 2015-12-14 10:57 New Delhi: Amid uproar over demolition of slums in an anti-encroachment drive by the Indian Railways in Shakur Basti and a child's death being allegedly linked to it, the Railways on Sunday remained defiant and said that their actions were in accordance with Central and State laws. “The Chief Minister told us that there has to be provision to resettle the slum dwellers before demolishing slums. He also quoted some laws and regulations concerning this matter. Whatever action we take is in accordance with the laws of the Centre and of states. We will now consult with the ministry and proceed according to their guidance,” said General Manager Railways A.K. Puthia after meeting Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. “It is not right to say whether it is right or wrong. We will move forward after holding discussions with our ministry. We have taken action in this matter keeping laws in mind and with consultation of our law department,” he added. More than 500 slums were demolished in an anti-encroachment drive conducted by the Indian Railways in Shakur Basti on Saturday. (ANI)