Female escort dupes TN realtor, makes away with cash and valuables

Submitted by alvin on Fri, 2016-04-29 19:52 Bengaluru: A 41-year-old Tamil Nadu-based realtor was duped by a call girl, who made away with cash and other valuables from a five-star hotel where the businessman was staying.The incident occurred on April 23, and the businessman’s friend and trade union leader from Chamaraja Nagar, identified as Ritvikh Shetty, filed a complaint with the jurisdictional JB Nagar police station two days later.According to the police, Ritvikh had booked a suite for his friend, identified as Vasanth Raj, at the Leela Palace Hotel on old Airport Road. He had also hired a female escort from Hyderabad for Vasanth Raj.The girl, who came to the hotel, demanded liquor and Vasanth Raj went to fetch the liquor.Taking advantage of the situation, the girl made away with gold chain, cash and an iPad.On returning to the suite, Vasanth Raj found the girl missing along with the valuables. He immediately called his friend and narrated the incident, following which Ritvikh Shetty went to the police two days later and filed a complaint on April 25.Ritvikh Shetty had even lied to the police, saying Vasanth Raj was a former minister in Tamil Nadu in order to make the case more serious. However, the police on investigating a little found that Vasanth Raj was a builder. The police are now looking for the girl who is on the run.