Palike crusader Mathai gets a second 'Explain, or else...'notice

Palike crusader Mathai gets a second

Submitted by alvin on Wed, 2016-04-20 20:40 Bengaluru: K Mathai, the KAS officer, who exposed several scams in the advertising division of the BBMP, has now got a second show-cause notice from the Palike asking him to explain why action should not be taken against him. Mathai, Assistant Commissioner in the Advertisement department of BBMP, came out with eight reports exposing official collusion in the scam surrounding illegal advertisement and hoardings in BBMP. Earlier, the BBMP issued a show cause notice to Mathai in December 2015 when the employees of advertisement and revenue department protested against him saying that he abused them. . Issuing a show-cause notice to Mathai, BBMP Commissioner Kumar Naik has given three days for him to reply. Last month, Mathai had submitted his eight reports about the scam on illegal hoardings and advertisements and faulty audit system in BBMP to the District incharge Minister KJ George, Lokayukta, BMTF, BBMP Commissioner, and special commissioners Subodh Yadav, J Ravishankar and Rashmi Mahesh, but no action was taken against these issues. An official from BBMP, who preferred to remain unnamed, said there was pressure on the BBMP to act against Mathai, who is reputed to be among the honest officials in the BBMP administration. "As he has taken on the advertisement mafia including those who are supporting in erecting the illegal hoardings, many in the BBMP want him out of the corporation administration. As part of the strategy to oust him, a new controversy has been created.”Speaking to, Mathai confirmed that he has received the notice. "They have given me three days time to reply. It is for exposing the reports in media. But I never spoke anything against the government or its policies I have not violated any rule or guidelines.” In his 7th report, Mathai has mentioned that the BBMP has been practising wrong accounting and faulty audit practices in the advertisement department for several years which has led to loss in revenue to the Palike. Around 30 crore rupees was not collected from the advertisers, but the audit department did not even mention it.In his earlier reports, Mathai mentioned that there are a total of 6,119 hoardings in BBMP area, of which 4,000 were illegal. These hoardings could generate revenue amounting to Rs 283 crore and the same amount as penalty from illegal hoardings. In his 8th report, he mentioned about that BBMP incurs a loss of over Rs 250 crore every year.In addition, Mathai named former BBMP Commissioner Lakshminarayana for giving a contract to an advertisement to former MLA Vatal Nagaraj, AVS advertisers. Mathai also accused Lakhminarayana of having allowed shops to come up on footpaths at KR Market.