Bengaluru sizzles under El Nino effect

Submitted by alvin on Wed, 2016-04-13 12:02 Bengaluru: Days are becoming hotter and nights are unmanageable too. The State is witnessing an unbearable heat this year. On April 12, temperature in the City was registered at 37.2 degree Celsius! Ever wondered why? According to experts, many parts of South India in general and also Bengaluru City are reeling under the ‘El Nino’ effect of 2015 and this is expected to continue for few more months with no let-up in rising temperature.What is El Nino effect?It is an abnormal weather pattern caused after Pacific Ocean near the equator is warmed up. This occurs when the normal trade winds are weakened (or even reverse), which lets the warm water – that is usually found in the western Pacific – flow towards the east. This warm water displaces cool water that is normally found near the surface of the eastern Pacific, setting atmospheric changes globally.“This occurs once in five or ten years. Whenever it occurs, the next year will turn out to be warmer. Hence, there is a considerable amount of heat since January this year. On Jan 29, 2016 the IMD recorded 32 degree Celsius maximum temperature as against 28 degree Celsius thereby an increase of 4 degree than average temperature on that day,” said Sunder M Metri, Director Indian Meteorological Department, Bengaluru.He said a similar trend – increase in heat – was witnessed in February, March and now in April. On February 23, the temperature in Bengaluru City was 36, as against 30 degree Celsius. Usually in March, the normal temperature is 33 degrees Celsius, however, the City witnessed 36.3 degree Celsius on March 23. In April, usually 34 degrees Celsius is considered normal, however, on April 6 it was recorded 37 degrees Celsius and once again City witnessed 36.3 degrees on April 8.Experts say that the hot weather is set to continue for few more days and sometimes, it may result in thunder showers in these months. On April 8, the City received 4.8 mm rainfall which considerably brought down the temperatures. As a result, the city registered 35 degree Celsius on April 9, 33.4 degree Celsius on April 10 and 34.6 degree Celsius on April 11 and on April 12 the City temperature was at 36 degree Celsius and April 13 it was 37.2 degree Celsius.Box:Maximum temperature in previous years:24 Jan, 2006 - 37.5 Degree C12 April, 2010- 37.6 Degree C29 Feb, 2012- 35.4 Degree C3 May, 2013 - 37.6 Degree C30 March, 2016 - 36.6 Degree C6 April, 2016 - 37 Degree C12 April, 2016- 37.2 Degree CReason for increase in temperature:According to the study conducted by World Meteorological Organization Geneva, past emissions of carbon dioxide constrain the planet to further warming. Because Co2 remains in the atmosphere for centuries, and oceans store more than 90 per cent of the extra energy that is accumulating in the climate system, temperatures and sea levels will continue to rise.Other effects of El-NinoSunder Metri says: “Due to El-nino, some regions received a good amount of rainfall but next year, a few places will witness very hot, dry and extreme hot weather and Karnataka state is no exception.This effect will last for 12 to 18 months, hence the temperature is rising in many parts of the City and South India. Weather officials further said that Co2 levels in Bengaluru have gone up due to industries, glass buildings and rise in number of vehicles. Unless we plant more trees and protect the existing green cover, there is no escape from rising temperature, added the officials.