Garbage is back, why aren't we surprised?

Garbage is back, why aren

Submitted by alvin on Thu, 2016-04-07 09:23 Bengaluru: It's deja vu time again. The mounds of garbage dotting the sidewalks, empty lots and along the main roads are back. So is the overwhelming stench. The garbage of Bengaluru, yet again, has nowhere to go. Last month, Residents of two villages, Kannahalli and Seegehalli on the outskirts of city, where the clueless BBMP was shamelessly dumping the garbage, refused to allow BBMP trucks to enter the village. The Mayor and the Commissioner of BBMP went over to both villages and tried to tell them to please continue to accept the city's garbage. The residents,with great dignity, told the the BBMP Mayor they had enough, and to please take your garbage and put it where the sun doesn't shine. So, the BBMP, that great organisation famous for corruption and incompetence, ran out of ideas. And then on, the garbage trucks would collect garbage from the city, and dump it somewhere else in the city. Not that the BBMP was not warned. In line with an order of the High Court of Karnataka, the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) had sent a notice to the BBMP to find alternative sites and stop dumping of garbage in Kannahalli and Seegehalli villages. Lakshman, KSPCB Chairman said, “Mounds of garbage has been lying in the nook and corner of the city. Due to bad smell emanating from the garbage, people migt have set them on fire. Burning the garbage is even more dangerous as it releases poisonous gases, especially carbon dioxide in large amounts. The effect of the festering hillocks of garbage over the past few days has been unbearable for Bengalureans. Shilpa,a resident of Jyothi Nagar said:“Continuous in-haling of such highly polluted air has created breathing problems, cough and throat infection to many of us in our locality. Our kids are also suffering from diseases which are taking longer time to cure.”   Divakar GN,President of City Market Merchant Association said, “The BBMP has failed in finding a permanent solution to the garbage issue. The Market area generates about 3 to 4 tonnes of waste every day and from last few days it was not cleared. People have started burning tonnes of waste. The thick smoke is unbearable."    Srinivas, a shopkeeper says, "The authorities have to lift waste every day. Missing a single day will result in piling up of garbage. There are miscreants around and if they find waste not cleared, they will set fire to the piles."   Dr Sashidhar Buggi, Director Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Health and Science, said illnesses such lung and skin infections are likely if one comes in contact with the waste that consists plastic and other harmful substances. Smoke from burning waste materials including plastic that has carbon monoxide and dioxin, are extremely harmful for human beings.  Continuous in-hailing of such polluted air can create lung infections. Pregnant women and senior citizens are more vulnerable to such issues, Dr Buggi said.