Govt spent Rs 2.01 crore for jewellery institute but none trained

Submitted by alvin on Fri, 2016-04-01 14:06 Bengaluru: These things perhaps happen only in Karnataka. It’s past eight years since the state government spent Rs 2.01 crore to set up Gems and Jewelry Training Institute in the state. But, till today, not a single student has been trained in the course! What happened to the money allocated to it? This would have gone unnoticed but for the CAG report.   In 2008,  it was proposed to set up Gems and Jewellery Training Institute and Park at Bengaluru and Karwar under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model by  Karnataka Small Scale Industries Development Corporation Limited (KSSIDC). But KSSIDC failed to find a private partner and the government transferred the scheme to the Government Tool Room and Training Center (GTTC) and provided Rs 2.01 crore for the institute. But what happened from here, is a stark example of how projects are implemented in the state. First, GTTC brought DELL Laptops, DELL workstations and Siemens PLM27 jewellery design software at a cost of Rs. 96.68 lakhs. Then, it wrote to the government saying it will  discontinue the establishment of jewelry training institute at Bengaluru and suggested, that the project be taken up as a joint venture with industry association on PPP model. Reason? Lack of funds. Later, it was decided to have a sub-centre and training institute at Mangaluru. But there too, not many were keen to study the course. By this time, all the funds were spent! As per the audit observation, the establishment of a jewellery training institute (sub-centre) at Mangaluru did not serve any purpose as there were no takers for the training programmes, thereby rendering the expenditure of Rs. 2.01 crore a waste! Besides, CAG has also listed several loopholes in the implementation of the project. The computer hardware was procured from different firms without following competitive bidding process as required under the KTPP rules. Funds amounting to Rs. 1.04 crore meant for procuring essential equipment were diverted to meet establishment expenditure. Adding to all these, GTTC procured 25 laptops (cost Rs. 11.90 lakh) which were not as per the requirement. It was stated that the laptops were being used by officers of the institute.