There's something fishy going on in Ulsoor Lake


Submitted by alvin on Mon, 2016-03-07 14:10 Bengaluru: After lakhs of dead fish were found floating in Ulsoor lake on Monday, Ulsoor ward Corporator Mamatha Sarvanan has squarely blamed fisheries department for the tragedy. The department has been encouraging breeding of catfish in the lake which caused the death of fish, she said. “There is no other reason for it. As soon as I learned about it, I rushed to the spot,” she stated. But V Purushotham, president of Ulsoor lake residents welfare association, begged to differ. According to him, unchecked flow of sewage water into the lake has polluted the water, resulting in Monday's tragedy. “A similar incident had occurred ten years ago but the authorities seem to have learnt no lesson,” he said. Purushotham further said that the BBMP had been alerted but it hadn't taken any action so far. “If the water was contaminated, why would fish from only a particular stretch were dead and that too in a single day,” asked Vijay Nishanth, a member of Friends of Ulsoor Lake. “This is a clear case of poisoning,” he asserted. But, who is responsible for lake development? According to senior officials at the lake department, the lake is being maintained by fisheries department. "We are only facilitators for Ulsoor lake. But the responsibility of carrying out fishing contract and its maintenance lies with the fisheries department. BBMP does not monitor fishing activities,” said an officer from the department. On Monday, thousands of dead fish washed ashore on Ulsoor Lake. The lake, which is a popular boating site, had for many years been choked with water hyacinth and there was a major effort to clear it recently. Watch Video: